We produce paper for placed transfer printing from 50x70 cm up to 100x140 cm. with offset four colour printing technique.
Sublimation printing is based on the characteristics of some pigments to pass directly from a solid state to a gaseous state under the influence of the temperature which, by generating coloured vapours, are absorbed and blocked by the polyester molecules.
sublimation transfers
Aspect Impalpable
Can be applied to 100% Polyester
Sectors of use Clothing - wood - plate- plastic
Norms of application
Temperature 205°C
Time 35 sec.
Pressure medium
Paper removal when hot or cold
Fastness to washing Maximum for all types of washing and bleaching
Iron Yes
Dry cleaning Yes
The colour of polyester molecules, whether they make up a solid film or a thread, is completely indelible to all types of washing. Obviously the maximum printing quality and fastness is obtained when transfer paper is applied to 100% polyester surfaces. Other fibres can be used, as well as plastic materials or paints such as: modified polyammide 66, acrylics, polyurethanes, polycarbonates, but fastness must be checked and verified each time.
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